Home Parties

The beauty of being self employed is that I am not under pressure to meet targets, so you can rest assured that if you want a jewellery party at your house, or work, you won't be under any demands from me!

They are very relaxed, and a great way of getting together with your friends or colleagues!

I ask for a minimum of 7 people, but there is no obligation to buy. Holding a party could not be easier - You provide the venue and guests, and I will do the rest!

There are no pressure-selling tactics or targets, and no ordering system either. You see it, you love it, you take it home with you! All items are individually presented in gorgeous organza bags. Generally speaking, once it's gone, it's gone! I only buy jewellery in 1's or 2's, which is to ensure lots of variation for my customers - but if you are looking for a specific colour or style, let me know and I'll try to hunt it down for you! 

Hostesses get a generous commission - which is a great way of getting some free jewellery and/or giftware! At the end of the night, I tally up what has been sold, and the hostess gets 20% of the sales in their chosen jewellery. Bonus! If one of your guests book for a jewellery party at their home or work, you'll also get a bonus commission of £10 to spend on any product.

If you're interested in booking Atlas Accessories for a home or work jewellery party - Just email sales@atlasaccessories.co.uk - I don't bite, and I'm very relaxed about the whole thing... No pressure or targets to meet!

I don't sell jewellery online because I find that customers like to pick up the items, feel the weight and quality, and try things on... but you can currently find my jewellery on display and for sale all year round at the Waters' Edge Country Park in Barton upon Humber and in the Brigg Tourist Information Centre, both in North Lincolnshire.